• Automate the collection of biometric data, enabling a more streamlined and economical system for patients and providers.
  • Remote data collection from IoT-enabled medical devices.
  • Engage patients with questions and surveys.
  • Alerting when established boundaries are violated.
  • Enable providers to better manage patient populations.
  • Integrate with existing web and mobile applications.
  • Share data between disparate systems and applications.

Wearable technology

  • Positioning technology to tag, track, or locate assets.
  • Ensure the safety of an individual living with a cognitive disability.
  • Patented locking clasp design available for wearables, impedes removal.
  • Enable Alerting, Calendaring, Geofencing, and Geopaths.
> Caregiver Access Use Case


Collect situational status during emergencies and leverage features of a smartphone:

  • Location, velocity, direction, and altitude.
  • Capture audio and video.
  • Toggle flashlight and alarms.
  • Integrate with many dashboards and platforms.
> First Responder Access Use Case


  • Collect constant location data of assets across longitudinal, latitudinal, and altitudinal axes.
  • Unprecedented access to data from almost every possible sensing modality including biometrics, temperature, pressure, inertial forces, chemical species, magnetic fields, radiation and more.
  • Applicable across multiple markets including: Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Facilities Management, Logistics and more.
> Employer Access Use Case

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