Unprecedented Access to Critical Data

You have an unlimited amount of data at your disposal today that can drastically improve the way you serve your customers, patients or employees. However, efficiently capturing and channeling information into existing systems has been challenging — until now.

OnTrack’s seamless, flexible, low-cost system dramatically improves how you collect, monitor, or manage information. You can capture any type of data, from any source, such as a mobile device, and deliver it through your existing systems. This means you get access to the exact data you want, exactly when you need it.


Eliminate your Data Blind Spots and Break Down Silos

Vital information is not always readily available or easy to collect. OnTrack has the tools to provide access to these blind spots so you can capture critical data and immediately put it to work.

Not all databases, applications, and systems speak the same language, making it difficult to push, pull or report data. OnTrack’s simple yet intelligent application breaks down data silos to make your data accessible, adaptable and actionable.


Easy to access, easy to implement, and easy to use. We make your data work for you.


"OnTrack Technologies is a vital and valued partner for BodiMetrics. Their technology is helping to drive our growth with healthcare systems, physicians and patients."
Mark Goettling, CEO

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